IBC | Mission Statement
IBC Mission

IBC student Courtney Messer with Lasha Khozashvili, Principal Dancer with Boston Ballet, in The Nutcracker 2012

Built upon a 300‐year foundation of excellence, IBC's mission is to fuse the finest classical ballet instruction in the world with the very best of modern and contemporary training, and make them available wherever talent, potential, and enthusiasm exist in a way that will change lives and connect a community. In addition, IBC strives to share the art of dance through performances and outreach programs for underserved youth and the elderly, and to bring arts education to public schools and to those with special needs through targeted workshops.

To fulfill its vision, IBC will:

  • Provide a model and inspiration to the students of its academy, while investing in educational and inclusive outreach programs that promote familiarity, understanding, and love for the art form
  • Provide educational excellence through superb instructional methodology and highly qualified instructors
  • Nurture talent wherever it is found through the provision of scholarship opportunities
  • Connect with the community through free performances and educational opportunities for the elderly, the underserved, and those with special needs of every kind
  • Provide annual free performances of “The Nutcracker” dedicated entirely to those children who most need its seasonal joy
  • Expand the social and cultural horizons of the entire community by increasing exposure to diverse cultural elements, encouraging empathy amongst its citizens, and lending a voice to those who cannot be heard
  • Improve social, physical, and academic outcomes for youth by helping them to develop discipline, strength, poise, determination, focus, team spirit, and self‐confidence
  • Represent Indiana to the world and bring the world to Indiana through international student and teacher exchange programs with the Vaganova Academy and elsewhere, and through participation in the most prestigious professional and pre‐professional competitions in the world
  • Provide the broadest educational opportunities by allowing its students to experience performances, competitions, foreign exchange programs, renowned guest teachers, and master classes