YAGP Regionals:
Philadelphia November 2020:
Top 12 Classical -Anna Hesser

San Diego: November 2020
Top 12 Classical – Haylie Fletcher

Atlanta: January 2021
All Ensembles Category
3rd Place – Cadence Burke and Ian Anderson Conlon contemporary PDD
Senior Classical
Top 12 – Cadence Burke
Senior Contemporary
2nd Place – Ian Anderson-Conlon
Top 12- Cadence Burke

Winston Salem:
Junior contemporary

2nd Place – Haylie Fletcher

Chicago February 2021
Pre Competitive:
1st place – Phoebe Ingram
Top 12 – Jade Crane
2nd Place – Phoebe Ingram
Top 12 – Jade Crane
3rd Place – Clara Crane
Top 12:
Hana Lee
Sophia Gladkov
Top 12 :
Clara Crane
Sophia Gladkov
Top 12- Louis Gonzalez
2nd Place – Louis Gonzalez
Top 12 – Abigail Kimball
Pas de Deux Category:
2nd Place – Abigail Kimball and Louis Gonzalez Contemporary Pas De Deux-

Chicago- March 2021
Top 12 – Jazmin Lakin and London Ferre Duo
Pre Competitive:
2nd Place – Lilly Hussong
3rd Place- Merritt Goheen
Top Twelve – Ashlie Rohan
Top Twelve – Ashlie Rohan
Contemporary – Top 12- Jazmin Lakin

Junior contemporary
2nd place Merritt Goheen
Junior classical Top 12 Merritt Goheen
Senior classical
Top 12- Ian Anderson-Conlon
Top 12 ensembles
Cadence Burke and Ian Anderson Conlon for Classical Pas De Deux

Outstanding School Award: Indiana Ballet Conservatory
1st Place for All for Ensembles
Pas De Deux Category
2nd Place- Phoebe Ingram and Thomas Wilcutts – Contemporary PDD- Ain’t that a Kick in the
3rd Place- Abigail Kimball and Louie Gonzalez- Classical PDD- Coppelia
Pre competitive:
Hope Award: Phoebe Ingram
3rd Place- Thomas Wilcutts Top 12
Caroline Kinzl
Holly Mullins
1st Place- Sam Greene
Top 12-
Anna Schmitz
Lily Murphy
Shannon McNiven
Top 24
Abigail Warn
Peri Ingram
3rd Place- Sam Greene
Top 12
Abigail Warn
Peri Ingram
Shannon McNiven
Top 12 – Aurora Ausserer
Classical –
3rd Place: Abigail Kimball
Top Twelve
Aurora Ausserer
Phoebe Burrell

YAGP US Virtual Competition
Classical Women’s – 2nd Place – Amelia Happel
Classical Men’s – 3rd Place – Ian Anderson
Contemporary Women’s – 1st place – Amelia Happel
Pas De Deux
2nd Place – Cadence Burke and Ian Anderson-Conlon – “La Fille Mall Guardee” Classical
3rd Place – Cadence Burke and Ian Anderson-Conlon – “The End of the Line” Contemporary
Outstanding Choreography Award – Brooke Napier – “The Offering”

Senior Classical Women’s – 1st Place – Sofya ShakovetsYAGP Finals Tampa Florida 2021

IBC Dancers Invited to Finals as soloists
Amelia Happel
Ian Anderson Conlon
Cadence Burke
Sofya Shakovets
Abigail Kimball
Clara Crane
Haylie Fletcher
Sam Greene
Ashlie Rohan
Peri Ingram
Lilly Hussong
Phoebe Ingram
Holly Mullins
Thomas Wilcutts
Pas De Deux Invited:
Cadence Burke and Ian Anderson-Conlon: Classical PDD, “La Fille Mal Guardee”
Cadence Burke and Ian Anderson-Conlon: Contemporary PDD- “End of the Line” by Sergey
Abigail Kimball and Louie Gonzalez: Classical PDD “Coppelia”
Abigail Kimball and Louie Gonzalez: Contemporary PDD “Coincide”
Abigail Warn and Sam Greene: Classical PDD “Flames of Paris”
Phoebe Ingram and Thomas Wilcutts: Contemporary PDD “Ain’t that a Kick in the Head” by
Sergey Sergiev
Small Ensemble Invited:
Sam Greene, Ian Anderson-Conlon and Louie Gonzalez: Trio “Wings” by Sergey Sergiev
Ashlie Rohan, Haylie Fletcher, Peri Ingram, Sam Greene: “Twist of Fate”
Jazmin Lakin and London Ferre: Duo “Both Sides” by Brooke Napier
Large Ensembles Invited:
“At the Lake” Contemporary Ensemble by Sergey Sergiev
“The Cycle” Contemporary Ensemble by Brooke Napier
“Tarantella” Character Piece coached by Alyona Yakovleva-Randall and Faculty of IBC
“Claire de Lune” Contemporary Ensemble by Sergey Sergiev

YAGP Final Round at Finals 2021
Cadence Burke – Senior Women
Samuel Greene – Junior MenYAGP Finals 2021 Awards:
Small Ensemble:
2nd Place- Wings- Ian Anderson-Conlon, Louie Gonzalez, Samuel Greene
Large Ensemble:
Top 12 “The Cycle” – Choreography by Brooke Napier
Contemporary Duo:
2nd Place -“Coincide”- Louie Gonzalez and Abigail Kimball, Choreography by Sergey Sergiev
Pre Competitive Contemporary:
Top 12: Phoebe Ingram
Scholarships, Trainee offers, Year Round and Company offers:
Trainee offers:
Kansas City Ballet: Trainee: Cadence Burke
Sarasota Ballet: Scholarship Trainee : Louie Gonzalez
Two Week Internship:
Finnish National Ballet: Sofya Shakovets
Full Scholarship Year Round:
Miami City Ballet: Samuel Greene
San Francisco Ballet: Samuel Greene
Next Generation Ballet: Louie Gonzalez
Summer Intensive Scholarship:
Sarasota Ballet: Cadence Burke
Year Round Acceptance:
Alberta Ballet School: Peri Ingram
Company Trainee offer over the course of the year:
Joffrey Ballet – Cadence Burke
Kansas City Ballet – Cadence Burke
Kansas City Ballet – Ian Anderson-Conlon
Sarasota Ballet – Louie Gonzalez
Texas Ballet Theatre- Cadence Burke
2 Weeks Internship at Finnish Ballet Company – Sofya Shakovets
Scholarships awarded over the entire year
Alberta Ballet Short Stay- Peri Ingram, Phoebe Ingram, Cadence Burke
Colorado Ballet Summer Intensive & Short Stay – Cadence Burke
Harid Conservatory- Samuel Greene
Miami City Ballet – Samuel Greene
Next Generation Ballet – Louie Gonzalez
San Francisco Ballet – Samuel Greene
Sarasota Ballet Summer Intensive- Cadence Burke


WBAC 2020
Virtual Eastern Regionals:
Group A- Pre- Competitive
2nd Place Award- Jade Crane
Group B- Junior
1st Place – Shannon McNiven
2nd Place Tie – Ashlie Rohan & Anna Hesser
3rd Place Tie – Anna Schmitz & Abigail Warn
4th Place – Clara Crane
5th Place – Hana Lee
Group C – Senior
7th Place – Phoebe Burrell
Group D – Seniors 18+
3rd place – London Ferre
Group B- Junior
1st Place – Ashlie Rohan
2nd Place Tie – Shannon McNiven & Abigail Warn
3rd Place Tie – Clara Crane & Anna Hesser
4th Place – Anna Schmitz
Group C- Senior
2nd Place – Phoebe Burrell
Group D – Senior 18+
London Ferre
Best Teacher Award:
Alyona Yakovleva-Randall
Best Choreography Award :
Sergey SergievWBAC Virtual Finals:
Group B (Junior)
1st Place Shannon McNiven
2nd Place Ashlie Rohan
Top 15 Hana Lee
Group D (oldest 18+ teens)
2nd Place London Ferre
Best Choreography Award: Sergey Sergiev
Best School Award: Indiana Ballet Conservatory
Group B (Junior)
2nd Place Shannon McNiven
3rd Place Ashlie Rohan
Group D (18+ teens)
1st Place London Ferre
Cash Prizes:
Shannon McNiven
London Ferre