Supplemental Classes

Stretch & Strengthen

Specifically designed for use in IBC’s Preparatory Division, Stretch & Strengthen uses a combination of ballet-based exercises, standard physical conditioning components for children, and elements of rhythmic gymnastics to complement the curriculum of the students’ Ballet Technique classes. This class is strongly encouraged for all students in the Preparatory Division, as it concentrates on building proper strength and alignment in all muscle groups of the body. Props are used for added resistance as students progress in order to encourage safe stretching methods and lessen the risk of injury to young bodies.


Tap dancing is one of the few forms of dance where one is following the exact beat of the music, and where one can develop a good sense of timing through the rhythms and sequences required of the complex and stylistic choreography that tap dictates. The quick footwork acquired through training in tap enhances students’ control, balance, and coordination. Students will begin with basic tap technique in the beginning levels (Prep 1 & 2) where Tap is included at the end of Technique class while adding speed, repetition, and difficulty as the program progresses.


Jazz dance is regarded as a very stylized and energetic form of dance that comprises a series of fast and intricate movements designed to reflect multiple rhythms and themes in jazz and contemporary music. The combination of technique, style, and spontaneous movement that jazz offers serves as a tool of strengthening the body, increasing speed and improving coordination, while also providing a personal and highly creative means of expression. Basic jazz techniques are taught at the beginning level, while added technique, style, rhythm, and faster paces are introduced as students progress through the intermediate and advanced levels of jazz classes at IBC.